Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Says 第八次 Cash Out!

第1次Cash Out 看这里 RM 60.00
第2次Cash Out 看这里 RM 50.00
第3次Cash Out 看这里 RM 50.00
第4次Cash Out 看这里 RM 50.00
第5次Cash Out 看这里 RM 69.30
第6次Cash Out 看这里 RM 67.00
第7次Cash Out 看这里 RM 93.00

4月11号request cash out,,4月25日verified,5月1日就过账了。Request RM 100, cash out 扣除RM1 银行费用,剩下RM99.00。以前cash out到进帐需要2个月,现在明显的快了,半个月就看到银行户口进帐了。


4月11号request cash out




bEryL's said...

wow~cool nye...
makin hari makin byk~
i wanna start active liao~

C pei said...

yea beryl! Treat this as a litttleeee side income tho~ hehehe

bEryL's said...

where u post urs??
let me know i go click also..

C pei said...

Just see ur reply :p
I shared them in twitter and my facebook! And i had followed ur twitter. Tweet tweeeet

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